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Disordered Media

We are an independent video game production team, comprised of a small group of lifelong friends with the shared passion of creating. Founded in Texas, Disordered Media strives to connect with individuals worldwide through our entertainment and our stories...

Spider & Bugs Ray

Spider Ray is well-versed in giving people the creeps, being known for his chill-inducing looks and contortionism.

Bugs Ray is a scream queen; the scaredy-cat counterpart to Spider’s spooky antics. A romantic at heart, she loves to add drama to her horror.

Spider first befriended Bugs in 2012, over shared interests in horror and writing. Over a decade later they're married with two elderly dogs (Naina the frenchie, and Craita the boston with no eyes!) and function as creative partners, fulfilling childhood dreams they once shared of being able to make their stories come to life.


Assistant & Web Dev


Character Artist, Animator


Concept & Environment Artist


3D Modeler

Marcy Nabors

Sound Designer & Composer


Concept & Environment Artist


Concept & Environment Artist

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